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Municipal/Industrial Security

McGard is the nation's leading manufacturer of mechanical anti-theft devices. The evolution of our unique Intimidator line of products has since provided innovative security solutions for access / perimeter control and theft / removal prevention for municipalities, public utilities, the oil field industry, high security facilities, and electronics / telecommunications equipment.

The foundation of McGard's business success has always been our focus on producing products of consistent high quality that insure the greatest value for our customers. This focus is particularly critical in the Special Products Division where we work in close partnership with our customers to develop innovative solutions for demanding security applications.


Intimidator Line of Security Fasteners

McGard's Intimidator line of security products is a family of security locks that are superior to

any other mechanical theft devices on the market.

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Revenue Protection: Water Security Products

Hydrant Locks / Viper Lock / Nozzle Locks / Man Locks / Valve Locks / Plug Locks /

Coupling Locks / Water Meter Locks / Curb Locks / Pipe Locks

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Revenue Protection: Electric Security Products

Sidewinder Locks / Bullseye Ringless Meter Locks / Intimidator Snap Ring Locks / 

Intimidator Panel Locks / Intimidator Test Switch Locks

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Revenue Protection: Natural Gas Security Products

Gas Meter Locks / Viper Lock / Valve Locks / Plug Locks

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Anti Theft/Revenue Protection: Manhole Security Products

No scrap value

The DuraShield is the most advanced, high level manhole security device available. 

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Anti Theft/Revenue Protection: Oil Field/Petroleum Security Products 

Security products designed specifically for the Oil Field/Petroleum Industry.

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Anti Theft/Revenue Protection: Fuel Tank Lock 

Prevent fuel theft from underground tanks with the Fuel Tank Lock.

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