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The McGard Engineering Staff utilizes the knowledge gained through years of experience in developing OEM and aftermarket security programs. We listen closely to the needs of the industry and those of our individual customers. Our continuous Research and Development program and hands-on product development approach enables us to foresee industry changes and react to them before they require attention. All McGard products are designed to exacting specifications for customer applications using state-of-the-art technology. The principle of engineered quality is carried through every phase of design, manufacturing, plating, set production and customer service. We employ the philosophy of continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

In addition to a fully-integrated 3D CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) system, our engineers use advanced equipment for 3D modeling & simulation, custom software & tools, 3D printers, and state-of-the-art test labs. Torque tension testing is critical to McGard's engineering process. Our testing is done in-house on custom designed equipment. This insures that our products meet or exceed requirements for any specific application.

Quality Assurance

A company-wide quality management process based on the framework of ISO/TS 16949 is in place, and was developed specifically to meet the requirements of our business and our customers. A major ingredient is that every employee is responsible for the end quality of our product. In addition, the Quality Assurance Department is trained and knowledgeable in the industry requirements and is capable of providing all documentation for initial sample review, production, and post-production support. They are solely committed to maintaining quality throughout the life of the product, and are experienced in problem prevention, analysis and solution techniques. The department is sufficiently staffed with American Society for Quality certified quality professionals to ensure total care, attention to detail and high quality levels.

Our Laboratory Facilities Include:

Metallurgical Lab

The analysis of raw steel before production is conducted here to validate it meets McGard's restricted chemistry specifications, as well as metallurgical analysis of completed parts. Samples are analyzed daily from each of our heat treating processes to assure microstructure requirements are being maintained. The lab is headed by an experienced, degreed Metallurgist.

Engineering Test Lab

This is where the validation of product design occurs. It is an integral component to a successful product launch and life cycle. Pattern validation is a critical test to assure the theft prevention meets customer’s requirements


Plating and Corrosion Lab

Here our plating baths and processes are monitored and plating thicknesses are verified. Our corrosion chambers insure that the final product meets or exceeds our customer’s specifications as well as McGard's stringent requirements.

Other tests used by the Quality Department are hardness, tensile and proof-load, as well as non-destructive methods of testing. Our optical comparator is used for more accurate measuring and dimensional verification for critical situations where conventional methods are inappropriate or incapable.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an important aspect of problem prediction and on-going control before and after production. Areas such as thread quality, part hardness, and dimensional control are monitored. Reproducibility and Repeatability (R&R) studies, and process/machine capability studies are also an integral part of the statistical quality assurance process.


Our manufacturing facility is ISO-9000 certified with innovative cutting edge processing equipment that is fully-automated or semi-automated, depending on the volume requirements of our customers, they include a complete assortment of CNC lathes, multi-spindle screw machines and vertical machining centers, vacuum heat treatment, atmospheric annealing, induction hardening and tempering. Our surface finishing equipment  that is specially designed to support our customer’s unique products that include buffing and an assortment vibratory and blasting

finishing machines for preparation of our parts prior to our Triple Nickel Chrome, Zinc, Zinc Nickel plating lines along with various chromate operations. We also have an entire tool room and grinding facility which fully supports manufacturing as well as production of any necessary prototype hardware. 


McGard uses state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced personnel for the plating processes. McGard plating processes include: rack triple-nickel chrome, barrel zinc, barrel zinc nickelalloy and many chrome Passivate and top coats. Our complete in-house capabilities provide total control of the plating process that include coating thickness thru X-Ray, in house corrosion testing capabilities that insure quality results that meet or exceed our customers’ needs. Our plating systems are designed for flexibility in choice of plating without loss of Quality and process efficiency. Computer-controlled cycle parameters maintain consistent plating thickness. A computer data base closely monitors part number, surface areas and part weight to insure uniform plating quality.

Environment Friendly

McGard has made significant investments to protect the environment with its modern Process Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems. McGard is committed to the prevention of pollution and to the continual improvement of its’ Environmental Management System. McGard's Environmental Management System is in conformance to ISO 14001:2004. Waste water minimization and off-site recovery of metals allows McGard to limit the amount of waste going to landfill, while continually striving to reach our goal of zero impact on the environment.


Attention to Detail

All McGard products are 100% Hand Inspected for perfection and proper lock and key fit before packaging and shipping. Parts are cleaned and assembled, then packaged for final shipment according to customer requirements such as palletizing, labeling and bar coding. Some of the documents used to insure the accuracy of the final product during set assembly are: bill of materials, engineering drawings, and engineering/quality control approved master sample sets.

Dedicated Production Lines and personnel provide efficient product flow throughout the assembly area and a consistent high quality final product.

We offer a wide range of Custom Packaging options including: factory, port, dealership, and retail. Our full-service graphic design department creates display packaging, support and point-of-purchase materials conforming to your corporate graphics standards. For increased efficiency we provide in-house typesetting, printing and bindery services.

Customer Satisfaction


McGard's OEM programs are customized to the needs of automotive manufacturers, their dealership networks and individual car buyers. We offer the kind of support that guarantees a successful program and high levels of customer satisfaction.


McGard's computerized dealer registration program provides easy access to information and prompt service for your customer's car. Our Master Key Set program allows dealerships to service a vehicle when the customer's key is not available. Each dealership is provided with a dealer service folder for quick and easy ordering of replacement parts. We also offer e-mail, toll-free phone numbers and fax lines for convenient access to our full-service support staff.

Vehicle Owners

Prompt registration of name, address and security key code is provided at no cost. Orders for replacement parts are processed within one business day and can be shipped overnight on request. Multiple payment options are available, making it quick & easy for owners to receive needed parts. Consumers can use our toll-free number for personal attention from our knowledgeable support staff.

Contact Us

McGard Headquarters, USA
3875 California Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127-4198
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Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm EST

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